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*** Due to COVID-19's effects on finances, scholarships are not available at this time.***


Each year Peaceful Pathways Montessori is able to provide a few partial scholarships to assist families that may have a special circumstance that shows a need for tuition assistance. Availability of these scholarships is directly dependent upon the success of the school’s fund- raising efforts at our annual fall gala. All awarded scholarship money comes directly out of Peaceful Pathways Montessori’s operating budget each year. 


The application process is strictly confidential and requires copies of recent tax returns. These scholarships are limited to families that are already enrolled in the school and are for a one-year period— families must re-apply each year.  Scholarships are awarded during the summer prior to the school year.


Criteria for assistance includes: 


- Parents must be employed


- Aid is not awarded for students at the toddler level and rarely for the primary half day program.  


- The funds are generally reserved for full day students and families with multiple children enrolled at P.P.M.A. at one time


- Families receiving financial assistance are expected to extensively participate in fundraising events as well as offer some service to the school that will offset current school expenses throughout the school year


-  Parents are expected to attend parent education events and non-attendance will disqualify applicants for financial support in future years.  



Our school uses Independent School Management (ISM) as a consulting resource regarding the issuing of scholarships to parents that may need financial assistance. ISM recommends that we utilize an impartial outside source to provide an accurate financial picture for guidance on the distribution of funds. Peaceful Pathways Montessori uses FAST in order to provide this screening service. 


In order to be considered for Financial Assistance families need to complete the application provided by ISM FAST no later than the April 15th prior to the fall you are applying to enroll. This independent organization will then return a recommendation to the school on eligibility for aid.  In addition families will need to submit a copy of the following to FAST: a copy of this year's Form 1040, with all the attachments and a copy of the corresponding W-2's. These will be kept confidential. 


Peaceful Pathways Montessori considers applications for financial aid on a rolling basis with no applications for assistance considered after June 1 for the upcoming school year. Applicants are not required to sign an Enrollment Contract until they have received notice of an award. Parents applying for Financial Aid must have previously submitted an application and application fee for admission to the school.


No financial aid procedure can be entirely equitable as there are simply too many individual factors and extenuating circumstances. This process that has been selected should serve our school community well. Among its many features is the ability to further secure your financial data, and maintain the high degree of confidentiality that our past recipients have appreciated.


As a reminder, the scholarship funds that are awarded are NOT provided by an outside source or agency. The dollars are directly taken out of the operating budget for P.P.M.A. for the upcoming year. 


Click on the logo below to begin the financial aid process. The fee to apply is $43.  The application fee is non-refundable and payable by MasterCard, Visa, or American Express to Independent School Management.

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