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“Peaceful Pathways Montessori Academy is the best school around. Both of my children attended all programs from Parent-Child Class through the Adolescent Classroom and loved the experience. We are very grateful to the teachers and staff for offering a loving environment, challenging academics, and a micro-economy for them to learn and grow their skills. P.P.M.A. is an authentic Montessori school that has beautiful classrooms, new class materials every year, and a gorgeous property with a greenhouse and chicken coop. In the ten years that my children attended P.P.M.A., they gained confidence in themselves to be independent critical thinkers and thrived academically. The transition to public high school was smooth, and they are doing well socially and academically. To this day, both teenagers have a positive relationship with the teachers and friends that they have made over the years.”

Mary Jo and Ken Place

“I have been a parent participating in P.P.M.A.’s program for two years now; and I have really enjoyed watching my children grow and become more independent thinkers and learners.  I am confident in the development skills that they are learning; and I know that the educational and social skills, along with the classroom environment, are helping them develop into smart and assured individuals who have a desire for learning which will carry with them thorough all phases of life. 
Our family decision to enroll our children in P.P.M.A. solidified as I began to research other toddler programs in the area and make site visits to the local educational establishments. Once I visited P.P.M.A., and met with the Head of School in addition to touring the Toddler classroom, I knew this was the environment where my child would grow the most; and not only be taken care of developmentally, but physically and emotionally as well.  After the school visit, I researched the Montessori educational approach and I became more passionate about the program. I’m thankful to have found a school that goes above and beyond to teach by not just a one sided approach, but rather to connect with one’s child based on where they are in development and life. I wish I had been raised with the Montessori education approach, and I am eager to share with friends and family all of the wonderful benefits and blessings it has provided. ”

Jessica Tooley

“Peaceful Pathways Montessori has become a part of our family. Because our children spend several years with the same teacher, that teacher gets to know them, know how they learn, and what they need extra assistance with. Everyone knows our children's passions and has found creative ways to utilize those passions to harvest learning. They are not just learning a subject, they are doing practical and physical work that instills the necessary lessons they need for their education. It truly is a unique education.”

April Brossett

“I cannot say enough good things about Peaceful Pathways. Our oldest attended Kindergarten in public school and we saw his love and excitement for learning diminish to almost nothing. School was a fight and struggle every day. We started him at PPMA the next year and that excitement came back and stayed with him, even now as a 13 year old 8th grader! Our twins started that same year as 3 year olds in primary and the relationships and care that their teachers have fostered have helped all 3 boys grow into confident, caring and truly bright individuals. It almost makes me wish we had a fourth child to watch the journey unfold again! ”

Stephanie Curtis

“Peaceful Pathways has renewed my daughter's love of learning. She was withering in a traditional school environment with timed tests and worksheets, feeling like she wasn't smart and losing the natural curiosity that children have. Moving her to Peaceful Pathways is one of the best decisions of my life. I get teary writing this. She blossomed again with the freedom to pursue curiosities that PPMA fosters. The first time I visited the elementary classroom a few months after the move, she was doing hands-on math with other students, holding a guinea pig in her lap and bubbling with joy. A few years ago, she was having trouble with 60-second math memorization tests in the traditional setting, and now she's doing algebra and memorizing excerpts from Shakespeare. Beyond that, the teachers help shape the students socially, as well as academically. I can't recommend the school strongly enough. I wish it went through senior year. ”

Dr. Bridgitte Barclay

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