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Animals Cams, Activities, and Family Time (oh my!)

You already know the Montessori science curriculum supports learning about biology at all ages. Whether your child is three or 17, animals present an important part of their studies throughout the year. Why? Well, kids love animals. Besides, learning about animals opens windows into all types of studies, including history, geography, art, reading, writing, and so much more.

This week we share some of the coolest live animal cam feeds from around the world. Checking one out, and keeping tabs on it periodically, can be a great jumping off point for learning as a family and spending quality time together. Along with each different animal cam we have included related activities for kids of all ages, giving you the opportunity to dive deeper if your child seems interested.

Please do keep in mind that live camera feeds are unpredictable. Sometimes it can be frustrating when an animal is just sleeping, or even hiding. Animals can also exhibit all kinds of surprising behaviors. Some of the feeds include advertisements before loading. All this is just to say: some parents may feel more comfortable previewing feeds first, otherwise, expect the unexpected! After all, learning about animals is always fun and exciting. Enjoy!

Giraffes at the San Diego Zoo

San Diego, California, United States

Naked Mole Rats at the Smithsonian

Washington, DC, United States

White-Tailed Deer at the Brownville Food Pantry for Deer

Brownville, Maine, United States

Sea Nettle Jellies at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey, California, United States

King Cobra at the Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Vandalur, Tamil Nadu, India

Birds (and advantageous squirrels) at a garden feeder

Southern Alberta, Canada

For all ages-

Pacific Coral Reef Fish at the National Aquarium

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Giant Pacific Octopus at the Hatfield Marine Science Center

Newport, Oregon, United States

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